and now for a couple of turkeys

All across the great nation today, folks are eating turkeys and giving thanks. I don't do turkey and don't really have a desire to start banging drums about pilgrims and indian massacres, but i will give thanks for one thing today...

Thank you for the internet.
For that last lawless space in which we can blaze new trails. It's a bountiful land of anarchists, fools, entrepreneurs, pirates, students, smut-peddlers, teachers and pioneers.

We live in a world in which our rights are constantly being eroded from all sides whether you're a war veteran in Oakland, an ipad maker in china or a journalist in South Africa.

Don't be fooled. We live under the guise of freedom. And what a beautiful lie it is. But step off your porch and on to the sidewalks of the 'free world'; test your rights and you will quickly realize how voiceless and vulnerable you actually are.

So God bless you internet. You are our last great weapon against those filthy perverts of oppression,
their pockets stuffed with sausages and coins and the sweaty cunt-hairs of their most recent victims.

Continue to help us double u double u double u.You're our only hope.

-yours in darkness,

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