skeleton suits, tattoos and motherships


After a year of living in a strange land and butchering my name in a fake accent, just to make my days smoother, a quick return to the mothership was in order. 

Back on home ground I hit autopilot immediately. Every movement was, once again, second nature. There was no indecision, no over-thinking, just instinct and experience - it's a feeling I've missed.

I drove my car fast, carving along coastal roads and blaring old mix cds over my stereo. I shoved fists of Parma ham into my mouth for breakfast, slurped prawns for lunch and clogged up my gut with salted meats and wine every other hour. I listened to relatives argue around the dinner table about inconsequential shit while the latest edition to the family - a bubbling three year old - danced, laughed and hiccuped her way around the room. I watched old friends play music to new fans under the night sky and stayed up late rewatching Akira with my brother while drunken foreigners blasted karaoke from boats in the harbor. It was a good holiday; a perfect return. And it felt important to mark the passing of such a misplaced year.

And so, nicely buzzed one December afternoon, I stopped by Tyler B. Murphy's Sins of Style. The first time Tyler tattooed me was over ten years ago, back before he had his own shop. Tyler’s the kind of smart, perceptive and creative criminal/entrepreneur that I’ve missed hanging around. In some other reality he’d probably be the bastard to slice my head open with a skateboard in some significant/insignificant turf war. But in this world he’s my ferryman, my pigment-merchant, my tattoo guy.

The idea was simple. I love the colours on Skeletor. I love skeleton suits (a fascination I’ve had since, aged 8, I watched the karate kid get beaten up by the Cobra Kai) and i love toys, now more than ever.

Brian Flynn's Visighost was a fitting representation for the new vinyl center to my life. At a fundamental level, the Super7 piece is a wonderful example of thoughtful and simplified design. On a creative level, the character is both innocent and creepy - a curious and spectral being that i like to think was conjured up by the artist in a moment of pure creation.

Toys have always been part of my life but this past year has propelled me into full-blown obsession. It would be hopeless to suppress it. I couldn’t filter it if I tried. Toys have unlocked a running tap in the thick rusty pipes of my insides, pouring colour and light into an otherwise bleak world-view.

My Visighost tattoo was impulsive but important. It marked a tough year. A year of being stretched across two continents; of figuring out what the fuck I’m doing on this planet. A year of confronting personal flaws. A year of bones and balls; of stripping down to the elements and suiting up for future wars.

yours in darkness, 

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